Friday, May 23, 2008

Progress on Grad Graph Afghan

No matter what setting's on my camera I play with I can not get it to take a good picture! / Makes me both angry and sad, as we paid a lot for it!

Any who, here is a few of what I thought the best ones I took to show you my progress of the grad graph afgham I am making my oldest son.

This one shows the color the and red....took these inside and yesterday (Thursday) morning...

Here is a close up of the number two...on the back side of the two....trying to show how I am handling the extra rolls of yarn....

Here is where I made it too last night...I am now at the tassel of the does not show the color as well....took these pictures out side this (Friday) am....

Close up of the bottom front of the number two....

Another try of the whole piece....

Close up of the number eight...taken outside.....

Otay I hope you can get an odea of how it looks and what I am doing with the yarn. I added every picture I took to my Flickr account if you want to go look. I tryed to pick the best to share here.

So give me some feed back on what you think.

When done I will have to figure out what type of edging I will be doing. Have an idea about the edging (with link is great!) let me know, maybe I want have to think to hard! LOL

Thanks for dropping by friends!

Hope your day and weekend is blessed!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

XXX (Love) Spring Baby Afghan

Here is the baby afghan I just made up or designed myself. Of course my camera did not do these colrs justice one bit!
I used Caron Simply and Caron Simply Soft Baby. Both are a medium 4 weight yarn.
Hope you like it!

Pratice Garden Party Wrap

Well I finally finished my Garden Party Wrap by Crochet Kim.
This was my practice wrap, as I have never done the pineapple design before. So I made a couple other small patterns first to practice the pineapple design.
Also I will do my true wrap in a hand spun/painted lace weight yarn. I have never had yarn like that before, nor have I used it. So I practiced it first as suggested by Kim.
This pattern was VERY easy! To my surprise and delight! I was scared to try it..heehee
This one was done with Caron Simply Soft using an "H" hook.

Hope you like it!